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Meet Our Clients

We’re fortunate to work with some of the best clients around. We continue to learn through each connection we experience and are honored to be part of your journey.

What  do our clients have to say about Let's C?

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Parent, Gifted Child
After an educational consulting session with Kari I gained a better understanding of the needs of my gifted child. I gained resources for providing supplemental academic experiences for him, had a deeper understanding of his social emotional needs and had specific questions to ask his teacher to guide his learning in a more engaging and meaningful way. I now have support groups for parents of gifted kids and overall feel I can handle the next steps for him!

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Executive Coaching
My sessions with Kristen were kind while also direct, providing clarity and direction in my career. Kristen's knowledge of the start up and corporate world were a great asset in setting goals and teaching me to advocate for myself in my career. I feel more confident, motivated and my colleagues are commenting on my increased efficiency on our team!


Life Coaching
Kari's gentle, intuitive and honest insight was invaluable in my transformation through our coaching sessions. I always felt at ease and able to be myself. Kari has an amazing way to take all of the confusing thoughts in my head and present it back to me in a clear way. She helped me break down actionable steps and feel accomplished on a regular basis. I know I will be continuing to come back for more guidance as I hit different paths in my life!

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Creative Connections

I wanted to do something special for my college roommate, but I am not an artist. I brought forth a picture of our best college friends and Kristen turned it into a framed sketched print! It was the perfect gift for her new condo and I loved the collaborative process of getting to personally connect rather than just go through a website. I felt I was really heard through the process and the final piece really reflected the feeling of love and friendship I hoped for! Kristen is so creative and I loved all of her ideas. I had so many choices! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Let's C Work?

Our Clients : FAQ

How do you customize your services?

We listen. We gather information. We are honest about if we are a match! Goals are established & continually monitored. Insight from our connections are readily shared with a path created with only you in mind.

I need help with something, but do I really need a coach and how long will it take?

Connect! We can't help if we don't know what you need. Take a chance and we will guide you through our services. Sometimes even just one session is helpful to sort out your thinking, clear your mind and lift your heart. Talking to a neutral party who also cares about your mental well being is a valuable and connective experience. 

If we aren't able to help, we will connect you with the wonderful resources we have in our worlds!

Can your services be offered remote?

Yes! Most of our services can be accomplished online. Through your introductory call we can establish if remote work will accomplish your goals!

Why is Creating part of Life and Mental Health Coaching?

We believe creativity is an avenue for healing, self-expression, connection, building self awareness and much more. Through a creative outlet pathways open and inspiration, motivation and satisfaction can increase!

Is Coaching the same as Therapy?

Coaching and Therapy approaches have many similar components focused on assisting clients in reaching their potential, developing healthy life habits and increasing self awareness. Traditional therapy can be more focused on past and trauma. Our Coaching draws upon evidence based psychology practices and principles, but services are focused on serving mild to moderate needs, not severe clinical diagnoses.

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